An impressive Aidan Roberts in RMNP!

An 8C first ascent and many repeats up to 8B+

21 June 2019
One of the new protagonists of the present and future of bouldering.


The name of Aidan Roberts began to resonate last summer, when, not even twenty years old, he demonstrated all his talent by sending several boulders up to the 8C in Rocklands.

This year, instead, he is visiting the RMNP, but the melody has not changed and Aidan is even more a war machine!

From their instagram pages, Chad Greedy and Isabelle Faus loudly praised this young English climber who, apparently, is really impressing everyone in Colorado. In addition to flash ascents of a large number of hard boulders, Aidan repeated in 2 or 3 attempts the 8B+ of Ode to the Modern Man in Mount Evans, of which Greedy published a video.

In next days, he then did the first ascent of a project in Wild Basin: Railway, possible 8B / C.

Roberts himself talks about it on his instagram page:

“Railway-First Ascent- possibly 8c?

Great 4 move boulder on small crimp rails I scouted at Wild Basin, learnt it was a project, and couldn't resist going yesterday and getting it done! The first move is without a doubt the crux and possibly the hardest move I've ever done on rock! The style suits me well, basic crimping, and this could well be my hardest climb to date. There's potential to keep the foot on for the first move if a little taller, time will tell the difficulty of it. I'm reluctant to grade it 8c as I have tried so few of this grade, though it feels significantly harder than any other 8b+ I've done so perhaps it could be logical. For now, the slash grade and I'll let some future climbers decide!”

News: instagram

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