A weekend of 8C+ and 9A boulder!

Cameroni sends Ephyra and the second ascent of Soudain Seul by Pelorson

28 March 2021
Great climbs… and great expectations!


World-class top ascent in this extraordinary weekend…

Let's start with the bomb: Nico Pelorson has in fact done the first repeat of Soudain Seoul in Fontainebleau, the sit start of The Big Island climbed by Simon Lorenzi in February and declared as the second 9A in the world! Before sending it, the Belgian was trying the project together with Nico and Camille Coudert, the latter also very close to the ascent now.

Pelorson announced the repeat from his Instagram profile, but made no statement about the grade. Let’s remember that he was the climber who downgraded to 8C No Kpote Only, until then the second 9a in the world… so let’s await his next suggestions about Soudain Seoul!

We will also have to wait for the video that shows Giuliano Cameroni in action on Ephyra, the 8C+ in Chironico that climbs to the left of the famous From the dirt grows the flower. Giuliano has in fact made the third ascent, after Jimmy Webb's first ascent in 2019 and the repeat of Niky Ceria last November.


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