A new 8B+ FA for Elias Iagnemma

Atom in Poggio Umbricchio

05 June 2020
Elias is back on the sandstone close to home


From the crag to the boulders, Elias Iagnemma is one of the climbers who emerged in all his power in recent years, soon becoming a certainty of Italian climbing.

The last news about his climbs was related to the great first ascent of the 9a/+ of Ultimo Tango in Zagarolo, a famous project in Grotti. However, Elias also returned to bouldering, a discipline where he obtained important results both in competitions and on the rock, with some ascents up to 8C.

In particular, he returned to Poggio Umbricchio, a famous area in ​​Abruzzo, where at the end of 2018 he climbed also the hard 8B/C of Extrasystole.

Yesterday, Elias made another remarkable first ascent, with Atom, 8B+. We don't know much about this new testpiece yet, but Iagnemma promised the video soon! For now, here's what he revealed on his Instagram profile:

“Good day today, I sent my old project, a very intensive and technical boulder... After many and many falls coming out today I finally managed not to lose that damned heel!”


News: Instagram

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