A page of history for Simon Lorenzi!

In Bleau, he sent The Big Island Sit Start

09 February 2021
In the temple of world bouldering, the Belgian sends one of the most extreme projects in the world!


Lucien Martinez revealed it to us, and just a handful of days passed for the fact to happen: after going close to it in the last few sessions, Simon Lorenzi sends the mega-project of the Forest, The Big Island Assis, the sit start of The Big Island!

A historical boulder, a reference that has endured over the years with its own personal evolution: first climbed by Dave Graham and called The Island, it was then sent in a low version by Vincent Pochon who thus created The Big Island. Proposed as 8C, it soon became one of the references and one of the most popular and repeated lines of this degree. However, the sit version still remained to be climbed, adding a section of several extreme movements. Jimmy Webb in particular proposed for this section a difficulty of 8B+, after which, with no rest, The Big Island follows… it is therefore inevitable to think that the complete version could be a probable second 9a in the history of bouldering!

Simon did it yesterday and thus writes his name in the history!

He announced the first ascent from Instagram, without giving further information, postponing any evaluation to the next few days.

A climb that confirms what we already knew, namely that this Belgian guy (youth world champion in 2016) is one of the mutants of the new generation: with routes up to 9a at the crag (such as Action Direct or Coup d'état) in recent months he has shown an embarrassing level in bouldering in Fontainebleau.

First he climbed (and downgraded) the 8C of Satan I Helvete Low in a few tries, then he sent (and downgraded) Quoi de Neuf and, finding a new harder but less morpho method, he repeated in a couple of sessions The Big Island, also downgrading this line to 8B+.

A climber who is certainly not afraid to dare and who shows great confidence and awareness in his own abilities… The facts prove him right, and this latest result confirms this.

Now, we just have to wait for more information and some comments from Simon about The Big Island Assis.

This exceptional performance overshadows another that still sees The Big Island as the protagonist: on the 6 February it was also Antoine Kauffman's turn to win an ascent. As he tells on Instagram, after falling 29 times on the last movement, Antoine (who climbed 9a+ at the crag), has finally passed. As stated by Lorenzi and confirmed by Martinez, even for him in this version The Big Island would be 8B+. A numerical detail, however, less relevant than the value and beauty of this famous line!


News: Instagram / grimper.com / 8a.nu

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