Webb, Graham, Clement e Puccio: update on the latest ascents

Fresh bouldering in Rocklands, Magic Wood and RMNP

10 July 2019
A quick overview of ascents from the most popular summer areas


In the last couple of days many news appeared on the social media to announce some nice climbs.

Let's start from RMNP and in particular from Coal Creek, where Alex Puccio is the first to repeat Gold Rush, the 8B released by Isabelle Faus just few days ago.

From here we stay in the northern hemisphere to visit the other obvious summer area, Magic Wood: on the famous Swiss granite Giani Clement announces the ascent of The Neverending Story, 8B +, one of the most famous boulder of this difficutly in the entire world. Actually his climb is not recent but dates back to mid-April ...

Finally, let's go back to Rocklands again, with Jimmy Webb and Dave Graham.

For Jimmy comes the repetition of the 8B + of The Book Club, a line discovered by Ignacio Mulero and first climbed by Shawn Raboutou. Again 8B+ for Dave, who repeated Reverse Cowgirl, and says that he is moving well on the 8C of The Smile and The Finnish Line!

So more news probably coming soon!


News: instagram

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