Video: Jernej Kruder on Catalan Witness the fitness, 8C

Here's the video of the slovenian climber on the spanish testpiece opened by Sharma

04 April 2017

Based on his extraordinary outdoor results, let's follow carefully the activity of Jernej Kruder, also in the World Cup season which is now beginning.

In this video, we can enjoy his success on Catalan Witness the fitness, the 8C boulder climbed by King Chris Sharma at the beginning of 2016 at Cova del Ocell, near Barcellona.
This powerful roof seems to be particularly attractive, as demonstrated by the next repetitions by Beto Rocasolano, Felipe Camargo and Martin Stranik before the slovenian climber, who sent it at the beginning of this March.

In the same spot and days, Kruder also repeated the route Bi herri, barokka bat, 9a. It should be noticed that he also became famous in 2016 with the repetition of another masterpiece by Sharma, the deep water soloing route of Es Pontas, 9a.

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