IFSC World Cup boulder 2022 - Brixen - Up-Climbing

IFSC World Cup boulder 2022 – Brixen

The IFSC World Cup boulder 2022 takes place from June 10 to 12 in Bressanone/Brixen (ITA).

The best climbers in the world are competing in Vertikale Climbing Stadium and international flags are waving.

Five full days for the O.C. AVS and FASI, also proposing two free “film evenings” to get the audience into a perfect climbing atmosphere. On Wednesday June 8, “The Alpinist” is on, telling stories and the solo ascents of Marc-André Leclerc, visionary Canadian climber. The night after, the emotional documentary “The Wall – Climb for Gold” is on, with Janja Garnbret, Shauna Coxsey, Brooke Raboutou and Miho Nonaka talking about their lives as athletes before Tokyo Olympic Games.

Thursday 9 the Opening Ceremony takes place at 8.30 pm at Vertikale Climbing Stadium, open to public.

Competitions start on Friday: women qualifications in the morning (9am-3.30pm) and men’s in the afternoon (4.30pm-8pm), with free access.

Saturday is for women with semi-finals from 11 am to 1.15 pm and finals at 8 pm.

Sunday it’s time for men semi-finals from 11 am to 1.15 pm and finals at 7 pm.

Entries for semi-finals are free for Under14, while adults and Under18 can find tickets and special offers on the website suedtirol-climbing.it.

The Austrian official speaker Lukas Ebenbichler, together with the Italian Simone Raina, are the voices “narrating” the climbers’ adventures in Brixen. Raina claims: «Brixen is one of the best Boulder arenas in Italy, one of the most beautiful in Europe and in the world. It’s a theatre for audience. I surely recommend coming and seeing it live, to feel the vibration and be part of the event».