DAVOS: TECHNOSTICK soles - Up-Climbing


DAVOS TECHNOSTICK soled shoes are suitable for principles but also for climbing instructors

Canary Islands, Tenerife.

After several years of climbing, I had the pleasure to try several climbing shoes and different companies of rubbers. So when I saw this new invention of the yellow rubber from DAVOS I was curious to try and had a look, how it works on the basalt rock of Tenerife.

This is what I have to say about it. In the beginning, I was skeptical about it like always when you see something new but after feeling the friction of the rubber I saw it is a very good invention a little harder and dicker then I was used to. As a climbing coach, I directly saw its positive side of it, for small crimps and for beginners it is a new perfect tip of feeling and it will be staying longer on the shoe and not on the wall. 

This is the main problem of the soft rubbers, they get used out very fast. But we accept it for the friction felling, we search on a high-level climb, where we need to feel all details of the rock to get the best feeling of friction.
This is my experience, good for basalt, good for you how is starting climbing and good for me to have a shoe for teaching and will not be wearing out so fast like its harder than the other rubbers.
I am sure you will have fun while trying this new invention!

Walter Goller