Pink 9as: Verhoeven and Deubzer - Up-Climbing

Pink 9as: Verhoeven and Deubzer

Anak Verhoeven and Luisa Deubzer on their 9a projects.

Level is a woman and who better than Anak Verhoeven or Luisa Deubzer can explain it to us? In the crags of Voralpsee and Gimmelwald they have closed the accounts with two 9as that are definitely not easy.

Let’s start from the first in chronological order. Not a long time ago, Luisa Lulu Deubzer made the big jump just a year after having climbed her first 8c. In fact, in the impressive crag of Voralpsee she has climbed Speed ​​Integrale, one of the most feared 9a in the world. Along with this climb, Luisa has promoted some important themes, such as attention to the environment, putting herself in the first person to reduce the impact. Moreover, to demonstrate her great versatility, Deubzer has also climbed a nice trad pitch: Prinzip Hoffnung, graded 8b +. The plans for the summer are to climb on multipitch, for sure we will see some good ones!

Anak Verhoeven needs no introduction. The route she measured herself with this time is equally famous and feared… We are talking about Jungfrau Marathon, the famous 9a in Gimmelwald. Despite being in her early twenties, Anak is considered one of the best female climbers ever, with excellent results both on rock and in competition, where she has been a regular presence in the World Cup final for several years. To his credit he has a dozen abundant routes of grade 9, all done pretty quickly. Even for Jungfrau the attempts were few, Anak has in fact climbed the route in redpoint in just three days.

From athletes’ IG page / WoGu

Alessandro Palma