Also Lucie Hrozová at the threshold of 8B+! - Up-Climbing

Also Lucie Hrozová at the threshold of 8B+!

Lucie climbs a hard line from Martin Stranik

One month after the ascent of her friend Jana Svecova (Vincourková), the other strong Czech climber Lucie Hrozová also reaches her top in bouldering.

After the recent send of the 8B of Rustam Direct in Holstejn, Lucie (who in addition to the boulders is also a very strong dry-tooler and mountaineer) visited the area of Labské Údolí, where in April Svecova had signed the first female of Prehistorik, a hard 8B/8B+ roof by Martin Stranik. A few weeks later, now the second female and third absolute ascent by Hrozová, who never before had passed the 8B and so now touches a difficulty that very few female climbers in the world can boast!

On her IG profile, the uncut video of her ascent.


Source: Instagram