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9a again for Angie Scarth Johnson

Angie Scarth Johnson climbs Victimas Perez, 9a.

Travelling, climbing, spending time with the best climbers in the world, getting their hands on extreme projects… The life of Angie Scarth Johnson is certainly the dream of many, but how many of these would then be able to reach the goals they set themselves?

After having made the first 8b at 9 and the first 8c + at 12, Angie embarked on a life as a gypsy-climber, always traveling the world to discover her limit. At the dawn of eighteen, she stopped in Spain with Jorge Diaz Rullo and she and him grind hard routes one after the other. Her latest performance is a test of constancy and perseverance, the story behind this 9a at Margalef is truly epic.

After two seasons, about fifty sessions, and after falling on the top about fifteen times, Angie did it. In a short time she threw the rope in the anchor, closing the accounts with Victimas Perez, the very famous Spanish 9a. For all of us humans this is great news, not so much for the grade itself, but for how much perseverance this young climber has put into it!

From Angie Scarth Johnson’s IG page

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