Ben Moon climbs Evolution and other routes at Raven Tor - Up-Climbing

Ben Moon climbs Evolution and other routes at Raven Tor

Umpteenth ascent beyond measure for the Englishman Ben Moon, one of the legends of climbing, which at the venerable age of 52 rises the whimper of repeating Evolution, 8c + to Raven Tor.

It’s been 28 years since Moon freed Hubble, a route that still inspires fear and respect and that is rarely climbed. Then we talked about 8c+ or 9a and even today there is no clarity about it and the few repeaters do not unbalance. This could undermine the record for Wolfgang Gullich and his Action Direct, which has many climbs but this is not the point. The question is that almost three decades later, Ben is still revealed for the champion who is and resolves Evolution, route at Raver Tor with still a dancer grade between 8c+ and 9a and that marks only a small handful of climbs from the first of Jerry Moffat in the 90s.

“The other day I was at the Tor with Pete Dawson who did it and it was great to see him. We agree that there is not much difference between Evolution and Rainshadow and maybe the first one would be a hard 8c + and the second a 9a easy. “

Yeah, because in 2015 Moon also climbed Rainshadow to Malham Cove, pitch with a consolidated of 9a.

“I have not done anything exceptional this year except for a lot of indoor bouldering and a bit of low intensity volume. We had a lot of good weather this year and here three weeks ago I also did Hajj, a route of 8c that some judge is tougher, and a variant of Mecca called Kaaba, of 8c +. Evolution starts with a block of 8a followed by the 8b path, always on small and fierce grips and supported on the fingers “.