Boavista Ultratrail 2014 - Up-Climbing

Boavista Ultratrail 2014

It’s set up for the 6th of December the 14th edtion of the international trail running race Boavista Ultratrail. All competitores have 40 hours to cover the entire track of 150 kilomtres in complete self-sufficiency. A good physical condition is not enough to complete the trail, as a good notion of orienteering is essential too. There are two ways to participate: one can run and compete all alone or in two (2 men, 2 women or mixed, 1 man and 1 woman), but if the attendance to the event is in couple, the two partner will have to run together, without separating each other till the end. For the athletes’ security, a medical equipe follows the race.
For more information see the official website.