Bolger: another 9a FA - Up-Climbing

Bolger: another 9a FA

Tom Bolger has established a new line in Margalef, proposing the 9a grade.

In a period full of realizations, Tom seems unstoppable. In Margalef has bolted and then climbed his last project: Mr Big. Thi route is full of long and dynamic moves and adds another 9th grade in Espadelles sector. Compared with the others in the sector, it could be 9a. His opinion? Probably the best line that he has ever climbed! 

Here what we said us:

I’m from the U.K. originally but have been living in Catalunya for the last 10 years. Currently I live in a village 3 km from the amazing climbing area of Margalef and so with the recent current covid travel restrictions I have focused all my attentions here recently. I think for someone moving to another country for me it was about following my dream, if you follow your passion and your are truly motivated you can make anything happen!

From Tom Bolger