Bosi on first Scottish 9a+ - Up-Climbing

Bosi on first Scottish 9a+

Will Bosi frees Free at last, 9a +.

After two years as an absolute star of rock climbing, Will Bosi certainly has no intention of giving up his status as top climber. Together with a few others in the world, including Stefano Ghisolfi, Will is a 9b+ climber, with several extreme lines both on the crag and on the boulders.

Located on the right of Requiem, the route is in Dumbarton and was known as The Dumpy Dumpy proj; with the ascent of Free at last Will brings 9a+ also to Scotland. The pitch had in fact been waiting for an ascent for several years, especially after the re-bolting by Dave Macleod and Alan Cassidy in 2014.

Regarding the climb, Will praises the route as one of the most beautiful of those he has climbed, with a truly physical climb on holds all the opposite of how they should be. The richness of underclings and shoulder moves makes climbing very demanding, also thanks to the scarcity of foot holds. In fact, on the whole length there is almost no place to recover and it seems that the crux is around 8B+/C of bouldering!

From Will Bosi’s IG page

Alessandro Palma