Ice falls Gressoney - Up-Climbing

Ice falls Gressoney

Before to climb any icefall, check carefully the  avalanche bulletin of Regione Valle d’Aosta Valle di Gressoney. Some itineraries are dangerous and approaches to the farer icefalls can be exhausting

1 – Cascata di Loo II/2 150m after the village of Gaby, on the right , near the houses of Pont Sec. Formed
2 –  Trechete II/4+ 200m. Missing the intial section, otherwise well formed
3 – Alpenzù II/3 150m – beside the street to Chemonal, after Gressoney S.J. Well formed and frequently climbed. (Bolted belays and tree on the top)
4 – Bonne année II/4+ after Alpenzù. Well formed and frequently climbed: two magnificent pitches and bolted belays on the right (face up).Easy third pitch and then on foot on the right (face up)   Or from the second belay a 60m rappel.
5 – Linea verde II/4 120m opposite to Bonne Année. Well formed
6 – Avanti Savoia 80m II/5+ not yet formed
7 – Ciampa II/4+ 120m well formed ; bolted belay on right face up; the last under the snow better to reach a tree, 60 meters ropes. 
8 – Sigarorror II/4+ 40m not yet formed
9 – Cascata Y II/2 well formed
10 – Ice Triller III/5 200m well formed
11 – Punta Yolanda II/3+ well formed bolted belays on the right face up
12 – Falesia di LysBalma many climbable lines – ice or dry
Falesia di LysBalma su upclimbing
See more details on Alpine Ice The 600 best icefalls of the Alps. Edizioni Versantesud Milano.