Chile - Punta Tehuelche's FA - Up-Climbing

Chile – Punta Tehuelche’s FA

On 2010, January Joos Ilsborux (Belgium), Franco Cayupi, Armando Montero (Chile) and J.B Haab (USA) carried out the first ascent of an impressive granite peak, that they called Punta Tehuelche.
The tower is located in the "Zona Norte" of the Aysen region in the Chilean Patagonia, roughly 120 km north of Coyhaique, in the "Reserva nacional Lago las Torres.
Armando Montero reported on,:
” The project starts on 2008 when Klaus Hopperdietzel talked me about a virgin peak, that could be seen only few days  per year on nice weather, from a special point of  the "carretera austral". 
On 2009 February, Joos Ilsborux, Franco Cayupi and me did a first attempt attempt, but we had to give up in reason of bad weather. Next year we were back, together also with the American climber J.B Haab.
We traversed the glacier, placed a BC and in a day of perfect weather we climbed the tower, that we think is 1800 meters high.
Difficulties on snow up to 65° and rock V°.
We left a carabiner on top and we started the descent. We called the tower with the name of the ancient inhabitants, because they respected and preserved their environment and haved always lived in armony with the nature. It is anylonger so  with the development of invasive projects to exploit natural resources."
Source: (spanish) and Kairn (french)