Condé de choc 9a 3nd ascent by Enzo Oddo - Up-Climbing

Condé de choc 9a 3nd ascent by Enzo Oddo

On Sept.10th,  Enzo Oddo has done the 3nd ascent of Condé de Choc 9a in Entraygues – France.
In Aug. Oddo haddone the higher section of the route – Deltaplane man direct di 8c+.-  At 15, Oddo is one the most talented young climber of the world.
Condé de Choc is the 9th  9a of his career.
Enzo reported to that the most difficult part is boulder at the start and to have found a new way for the swing, when he was trying the route together with Gabri Moroni: it is a micro-reglette to reduce the swing.
"My goals for 2010?L’Aubade " directe  a Sainte Victoire, and  a two weeks trip in Oct. to Smith Rock – US where I ‘ll try a mytique route as "Just do it".
In Entraygues Oddo has done also the FA of the project at the left of Sika karaï de rika zaraï, suggesting the grade 8b and the name Entre les règles.
Source : Kairn