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Crazy Ski Alp Tour: epilogue and winners

The 26th March at Pizzo Scalino took place the final of the Crazy Ski Alp Tour circuit, “traditional” ski-racing circuit, divided into 5 stages.

Another edition of the Crazy skialp tour has gone, a year-old snowball has slowed down the enthusiasm, but we were able to complete all the tests. We like a bit more technical skills, but the shortage of Snow has put tough test athletes and organizers, in any case good organizers led by Davide Geronazzo, Matteo Campigotto Angelo Gianola Serafino Bardea Norman Gusmini” writes the organization of the tour.

The winners of the Crazy Ski Alp Tour 2017 are Corinna Ghirardi and Philip Götsch

While the results of the race of Piazzo Scalino:


1.Philip Goetch

2. Filippo Barazzuol

3. Guido Giacomelli


1. Corinna Ghirardi

2. Claudia Pontirolli

3. Germana Pedrazzoli

See you next year!