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Davide Battistella new president of FASI

Davide Battistella is the new president of the FASI Italian Sports Climbing Federation.

54 years of La Spezia, former athlete and national youth sports director FASI from 1991 to 1996, FMSI Physician and 118 Health Emergency, Physician at the XX Olympic Winter Games Turin 2006, is the third president of the history of the Federation.

Elected June 9 in Rome for the Extraordinary Assembly with a large majority: 224 votes, against 54 of the other candidate Vincenzo Adinolfi. A sign that the companies have chosen those who have proposed a clear program for a change of the federation, shared in recent months through a website and several live meetings, but above all supported by a team. In fact, in addition to the president, all the elected players are those of his team.

For the representatives of affiliates the elected councilors are:

  • Ernesto Scarperi 126 votes
  • Davide Manzoni 120 votes
  • Monica Sciajno 85 votes
  • Antonella Strano 70 votes
  • Luca Zuccheri 67 votes
  • Cristina Cascone 63 votes

The representatives of athletes, technicians, judges and the auditor are also those proposed by fasifuturo:

  • Councilors representing the athletes: Camilla Bendazzoli and Marcello Bombardi
  • Councilor representing the Technicians: Lorenzo Angelozzi
  • Councilor representing the Judges: Roberto Bruni
  • Chairman of the Board of Auditors: Paolo Bramante

Most important signal of all was the very high turnout of voters: 129 companies out of a total of 139: almost 93%.

I thank all the participants – said Davide Battistella immediately after the elections – who voted me and who did not. The time has come to work, all together, because the challenges that await us are many and important.

An interview is available from the new president to the microphones of Climbing Radio.