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Rescue effort for Oscar Perez called off

The rescue mission to reach a badly injured Spanish climber Oscar Perez who got stuck 6,300m up in Latok II has been cancelled.
Perez suffered fractures to a leg and arm 10 days ago while trying to ascend the peak with fellow climber Alvaro Novellon.
The Peña Guara Club says it was forced to tell the rescue team to return to Spain because conditions on the route had become too dangerous to continue the search: the length of time Oscar has been trapped high on the mountain, the difficulty of the route, bad weather making conditions on the route worse, and danger to the rescuers all converge to made it clear that the only choice was to end the operation.
The team at Latok II BC must now walk out as the weather conditions  has turned too bad  for helicopters to fly.
A special gratitude was expressed by Peña Guara Club to the team operating in Pakistan, especially to Sebastián Álvaro, the American and Spanish alpinists, and the HAPs, and “all those who, during these days, have been working to the limit of their possibilities”.
Interview – Alvaro Novellon –
Source:  Peña Guara Club