Voie Anderson on ski and snowboard - Up-Climbing

Voie Anderson on ski and snowboard

Last April 21st  Italians Gianluca Marra, Francesco Civra, Luca Rolli and Davide Capozzi carried out the (probably) first descent on ski and snow-board of the Voie Anderson on the East face of Mont Maudit – Mont blanc.
Gianluca Marra, 27, grow up in Courmayeur and is an aspiring Alpine Guide: " I am fascinated by the wild ambience of Mont Blanc. I like to be an all-around climber, ice-falls, sport climbing, and alpinism, especially with my friends Luca Blanchet and Marco Tamponi, aspiring mountain guides as I am. 
During the last two years, I was psyched about steep skiing and I must say that this last one – Voie Anderson – has been quite demanding, but I was happy to have performed the first descent and above all with my friends Davide Capozzi (snowboarder), Luca Rolli (doing the mountain Guide course) and my friend and mountain Guide Francesco Civra with whom recently I have climbed the Slovenian Route at Jorasses North Face".
Davide Capozzi writes in his blog:” the descent start just beneath the North East ridge of Mont Maudit and goes down a wedged gully, reach snow slopes, then goes to the right to the rocky section. Here a  20 meters  rappel led to the final slope above the bergschrund. The descent is on east and gets the sun since early morning. We descended when the snow started to freeze again… making things   more difficult. The descend is 450m long 50°/55°”.
The Voie  Anderson (400 m III/D) was first ascended on  1888 and is located between the  Roger Baxter Jones route  and  Filo d’Arianna .

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