Due amori - Up-Climbing

Due amori

 Theatrical Performance by an idea of David Towers
Massimo Nicoli by writing Nazarene Marinoni
directed by Umberto Zanoletti
production: Mountain People Association and Teatro Minimo Ardesio
Saturday, December 1 st, 2012 at 8.30 pm, in Villa di Serio (near Bergamo, Italy)
National premiere at the Teatro di Villa di Serio. Admission by invitation (request info@gentedimontagna.it), in collaboration with the Municipality of Villa di Serio and Mountaineering Group Redorta
You can tell a great climber and its exceptional business without being bombastic? It can take a play from the most beautiful mountains of the Earth without pushing too much imagination? And ‘love, strength known but always new, able to get close to times, places and feelings that are part of the private life of a couple? The show DUEAMORI, HISTORY OF RENATO CASAROTTO respond with a simple yes to these questions trying to introduce a character, his adventures and thoughts with a single light that illuminates the moments of a family and personal life, however brief, has been a reference for many of those years and still is today.
A show for those who love the mountains but also for those who love the theater: the good Umberto Zanoletti has been able to stage a story that, as in his other works, places at the center of each space man with his doubts and with the its forces, its fragility and its most precious feelings: friendship and love.
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