Dynafit: Speedfit - Up-Climbing

Dynafit: Speedfit

The new Dynafit skiing collection: a new, fun and safe fitness experience.

Skiing on the track in recent years is spreading more and more among mountain lovers. Both beginners and experienced ski mountaineers use the ski slope to train easily and safely, improve physical fitness, or move uphill.

Dynafit approaches this new declination of the discipline by proposing the first ad-hoc set-up. Speedfit products have been designed and made to make physical activity fun, simple and efficient. Ski and boots strike for ease of use, while reflective details on clothing, but also the helmet and backpack with integrated light, make the skier even more visible during night outings.

Simple and powerful, to meet the needs of skiing on the track: this is the new Speedfit 84 ski, male and female version. With a classic width of 84 mm in center, this ski wins thanks to the balanced weight ratio and downhill performance. The designers have focused on the balance between lightness and beaten snow performance, which make it perfect for track use as well.

With the new Speedfit DYNAFIT TLT combines for the first time the typical features of an extremely lightweight, climbing-oriented attack with the advantages of a classic ski jumping model. The Speedfit TLT 2017/18 winter is a versatile and transverse model, 310 grams of weight and ease of use.

Track skiing: a simple, quick and essential activity. The DYNAFIT engineers have focused on making a boot dedicated to this declination of discipline, on walking comfort; they have not reinvented the TLT model, but have equipped the new TLT Speedfit proposal with some specific features for running on the track. A new shoe that combines comfort and performance. The new tab in Pebax to increase comfort and freedom of movement uphill. The hull, refined and reinforced, will help improve downhill performance.

The Speedfit 28 backpack has been developed to enhance visibility during evening outings thanks to an integrated light system. Of course there are all the features that make the Dynafit backpacks unique: net backrest for maximum breathability, exterior ax holder, removable ski straps, removable shoulder strap on the shoulder, waterproof inner pocket, separate compartments for safety equipment, integrated safety box on the back of the backpack and accessible from the outside, compatibility with camelback system.

A helmet dedicated especially to ski mountaineers who like to leave their tracks on the snow even at night. Integrated light consisting of 4 autonomous light beams and you can choose from 4 different levels of illumination. The battery can be easily recharged via a USB cable. Numerous ventilation openings constantly circulate the air.

Dynafit Daymaker Helmet Specifications:

  • Power: 1,000 Lumen
  • Battery: 2000 mAh
  • Autonomy: 4 hours (3h standard climb + 1h standard descent)
  • Capacity: 200 meters