Edurne Pasaban 13x8000 - Up-Climbing

Edurne Pasaban 13×8000

The Basque climber Edurne Pasaban reached the summit of Annapurna ( 8,091 m) today April 17th at 2PM local time.
Annapurna is her thirteenth 8,000-meter peak, so she has  to climb only Shisha Pangma to become the first woman to summit the world’s 14 highest peaks.

Her "rival", South Korea’s Oh Eun-Sun should reach today BC 3 and then go back to BC 1. Her summit push to Annapurna is planned at the end of april, which would be her 14th and last summit.

Edurne Pasaban needed 10 hours from BC 4, including a challenging iced couloir where her team (Al filo de lo imposible) could not place fixed ropes, all placed in the lower section during the last days.
Joao Garcia (Portugal) also summited Annapurna today, in 3 days from BC1 and completed the 14x8000ers serie.
Source : explorers 

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