Nico Favresse's team Update - Up-Climbing

Nico Favresse’s team Update

Update about CAB – RCT  from
"Reverend captain Bob made his second come back to climbing since 1977. “It was exciting, strenuous and technical” according to Bob himself, “but 500m is far too long for a 75 year old man”. The route is called “Never again”. We picked a line thinking it would be easy and not too long of a day, but it turned out to be a lot longer and more adventurous than what we had bargained for. One scary moment was when he got his foot stuck in the crack and couldn’t get it out. When he finally got it out he realised his other foot was stuck. But Bob remained strong all through the entire climb, even though he admits he would have preferred corned beef and condensed milk instead of power gel and power bars. It was a big inspiration to all of us!.
The great advantage of travelling on a sailboat is that we are free to move around while resting and investigating possibilities for climbing but it also makes it a lot easier in establishing Greenland’s first naturist beaches.(..). We picked some finger cracks from the base and as two teams we began climbing finding out that we have very thin fingers… 14 offwidth pitches later we were shiver bivying once again on the summit. The crux of Nico and Ben’s climb included Nico air manteling a 200kg block and a 15 m factor two fall straight on to the anchor. Sandwiches taste better, showers feel warmer and the flowers are more colourful. We’re all safe and sound now and looking for a nice warm beach…. 550m wall, a very long ridge traverse allowing us to bag three other summits along the way, 38 hours boat to boat.
The terrible news about Chloé Graftiaux has touched us all very much. She was very inspiring to us. We wish a lot of strength to the Graftiaux family. We named one of our new routes Chloé, dedicated to our friend and amazing person."