High Jump Contest at Outdoor Messe - Up-Climbing

High Jump Contest at Outdoor Messe

will it be the next "vertical passion"?

Peter Wurth seems to be naturally gifted for this discipline: very tall, slender, and with long leverages: he lives in Frankenjura, where he climbs and practices bouldering all the year.
"For me it started almost by chance, as a game. I’m really fond of bouldering, and I especially like all the dynos and more ‘athletic’ gestures of this sport. And actually I’m quite good at that… so I told myself, why not to give it a try? I’m doing quite good, I always manage to enjoy this very peculiar discipline and I’m having as well good results. My personal best is 2,77 mt – very close to the WR – and even if I don’t train in a specific way I notice I’m constantly improving. Plus, it helps definitely my climbing skills. My next project? To climb and climb again and have always fun!"

The new High Jump champion in the women category is a thirteen year-old girl from Ukraina, Jania Kabekova, 152 cm tall, who managed to jump 185 cm without any problems, defeating her older and taller colleagues. Jania comes from a family of climbers and both her parents have made climbing not only their passion, but also their work and have been Jania’s trainers for everyday since she was five year old.
Jania arrived 6th at the IFSC Climbing Competition and took part also in the Lead Climbing World Competition: she prefers rope climbing but it is the training for bouldering that gave her the dynamic power to jump so high with such energy and enthusiasm as the one she puts in her smile when she confesses that she would love climbing to become her everyday job.
We can just say that if she keeps aiming so high in such a passionate way, she would surely get somewhere.
Valeria Rossini

Outdoor Messe High Jump Contest – sponsored by Edelrid
Organisation + Moderation of the contest:
Timo Marschner

1st Peter Wurth (2,47 mt) – Germany
2nd Matthias Ruh – Switzerland
3rd Simon Bosler – Switzerland

1st Jania Kazbekova – Ukraine
2nd Annemarie Stangaciu – Romania
3rd Alexandra Schweikart – Germany