The partnership between GARMONT and MICHELIN continues, with the emergence of an innovative project and new models for the spring/summer 2018

On the occasion of the OUT DOOR Show Friedrichshafe, the Italian company presented the new models of the Active Escape and Active Travel collections, all equipped with the new MICHELIN technology for impeccable performance on all types of terrain.

On the one hand, we find three new GARMONT suits, equipped with MICHELIN Free Cross sole for advanced ground control, enriching the Active Escape collection, a range dedicated to outdoor activities, from the Free Trail to fast and light hikes.

On the other hand, a new GARMONT rubber-coated MICHELIN Cross Terrain sole in the Active Travel category for adventure travel lovers. The new MICHELIN Free Cross sole is inspired by the MICHELIN Stargrip bike tire, designed to offer maximum grip on all seasons and on mixed terrain. This has allowed to develop a tread that ensures traction and support, adaptability and flexibility, cushioning and stability, also thanks to a robust compound, good abrasion resistance, which can also adapt to extreme and disjoint paths.

The models in detail.

9.81 Grid e 9.81 Grid WMS
With a specific model for men and women, the 9.81 Grid is GARMONT’s footwear designed for rugged mountain and mountain terrain training. Designed specifically for extended use in training, the footwear has innovative reinforcements on the upper for greater comfort and foot protection. It is characterized by the ERP system, which consists of a rubber guard built around the EVA to prevent the midsole loses in cushioning. The MICHELIN Free Cross sole works in perfect harmony with the upper for increased protection and adhesion to the ground.

9.81 Fast and 9.81 Fast WMS
Designed for racing on different types of terrain, the 9.81 Fast is developed to suit the needs of those who do not want to train on one type of track. The model features a sole with shaped dowels for exceptional grip. The 9.81 Fast, man and woman, offers optimum performance on any kind of track, rugged and not. The light upper allows the use even on short distances and at sustained pace.

9.81 Track GTX® and 9.81 Track GTX® WMS
The 9.81 Track GTX® is a shoe designed for all seasons, from workout to racing on long distances. The MICHELIN Free Cross sole and the GORE-TEX membrane ensure high performance on rugged terrain and with any meteorological conditions. Made of breathable mesh fabric with PU caps, the upper guarantees structure, stability and protection by wrapping the foot for optimal performance.

For the Spring / Summer 2018 season, the MICHELIN Cross Terrain sole, comes in natural colors in the Active Travel category. The new model TIKAL and TIKAL WMS, designed for travel and leisure, is a shoe with a comfortable fit and modern look. The full-bodied leather upper is overturned: the outside is made up of suede while the inside of a full-fledged flower-free skin or chemical materials that unite them. The combination of the upper with a cork insole and a coco and cotton padding allows for exceptional breathability.

Marco Sancandi GARMONT International Director of Operation:
Those who love doing nature activities and using off-road terrain for training sessions know how important it is to wear a shoe that guarantees total control over different types of terrain, where traction, cushioning, lightness and protection Are fundamental requirements. Just to offer a more productive footwear, GARMONT has decided to reinvent and dedicate to the free trailer consumer three new 9.81 models and is entrusted with the professionalism of Michelin designers“.