Gran Sasso 29 July Vertical 31 July Skyrace - Up-Climbing

Gran Sasso 29 July Vertical 31 July Skyrace

July 29 Gran Sasso of Italy vertical run

Race Vertical Km 3.5km in the path of the Three Walloons every 30 seconds. In recent years it has
increasingly imposed the Italian Nadir Maguet.

July 31 Gran Sasso Skyrace 21.6 Km D + 2226

The start is given by the square of Fonte Cerreto at 1100m altitude.
A hundred meters of asphalt slope leading athletes to pass in front of the station of the cable car
of the Gran Sasso of Italy.
After 150 meters on dirt road, take the path of the three valleys, a true vertical kilometer, that,
going back along the cable car pylons, leading athletes in Campo Imperatore, 2136m.
The climb still continues to achieve, in just over 1 km from the first restaurant, the Sella di Monte
Aquila, 2342m.
Thus it is beginning the first descent that leads in the Le Capanne, at 1850m above sea level.
From this point, a very steep path, that only for a short central part by a little ‘breathing the
athletes, reach the summit of Cefalone, roof of the race with its 2533m.
A short descent then leads to Passo della Portella, at an altitude of 2266m where begins the third
and final day of ascent that leads to Rifugio Duca degli Abruzzi, 2388m.
From the hut, a long descent back, after transition to Campo Imperatore, Pratoriscio Source and
Source Portella, the square of Fonte Cerreto.