Grivel: G22 Plus Crampons - Up-Climbing

Grivel: G22 Plus Crampons

Two-pointed version of the legendary G20, the new Grivel G22 Plus is an automatic and superlight technical crampon.

With its 915g, the GRIVEL G22 Plus is the lightest double-pointed technical crampon on the market, thanks to a minimalist construction that has not, however, sacrificed technicality and functionality.

Made of chrome steel, at first glance they appear almost skeletal, as if a piece is missing; this is because the bar that connects the toe to the heel has a unique construction that guarantees lightness and performance.

The product is well finished, with the classic yellow-black color that distinguishes Grivel. The adjustment is quick and intuitive, with an easy-to-use system even with gloves (which is unfortunately rare) and in not exactly comfortable situations. In just a few seconds you will find the right adjustment to make them one with the boot, thanks also to the asymmetrical construction that faithfully follows the design of the sole.

Once worn, lightness is immediately felt, together with the precision of the tool: the tips penetrate very easily thanks to Grivel’s hot forged steel teeth with a particular geometry. The ease of placement translates into greater speed and less time in traction on ice axes, making a noticeable difference especially on demanding waterfalls.

On icy slopes the peaks bite very well and the antioccolo is sufficient for most of the approaches to the falls; in wet snow conditions, however, attention must be paid to the formation of a base around the long and slender central bar.

The G22 is an excellent technical crampon designed for icefalls and goulottes, also suitable for technical routes on the large North walls; the choice between double and single point is very subjective, and for this Grivel also makes available the G20 (single point version of the G22) which will offer less support for the benefit of greater precision and freedom of movement.

The use of this crampon for easy routes or for long walks on a snowfield / glacier is not recommended, a situation in which the repetitive movement of the walk will be helped by a crampon of less technical geometry with larger anti-cuddles to avoid the accumulation of snow under the crampon.

Technical data

  • Certifications: CE EN 893. UIAA 153
  • Weight: 915 g
  • Dimensions: 38-48
  • Antibott

Paolo Sartori