Gure Etxea new route of Pou brothers - Up-Climbing

Gure Etxea new route of Pou brothers

In 16 hours no-stop climbing , Basque brothers Iker and Eneko Pou first ascended an itinerary on the North wall of Peak Ibáñez, enchaining the traverse of the ridge from east to ovest until the main summit of Chañi 5896 m in the northern part of Argentina. On 1965 the italian alpinist, recently died, Cesarino Fava climbed an itinerary on the north wall of Chañi  and traversed the ridge from West to East. Gure Etxea is 850m long 60° max and mixed  up to IV degree. With this ascent, the Pou brothers accomplished an impressive trilogy on those mountains: on south face of  Morro Von Ronsen (5.450m) the ascended the new route Pachamama 5+/6a/ 1.000 m (the name recalls the Inca culture of the mountain) Then the changed the climbing shoes with the ice gear  and did the first ascent of the  Sud of Aguja Negra 5.150m:  Vitoria Gasteiz 4/80º/550m (name of their hometown).The route presents an icefall  60m 70°, a snow couloir, a second icefall   75-80° 40m and final couloir to the summit