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Hugo Parmentier, third ascent of Le Cadafist

Hugo Parmentier signs the third ascent of La Cadafist in St. Leger after Gérome Pouvreau in 2017 and Adam Ondra in 2018.

Another important personal success for the French athlete Hugo Parmentier who climbs Le Cadafist in St. Leger, signing the third ascent of this route resolved in a far from easy way.

“Another 4 day-trip to discover more of Saint Léger. Tess continued her fight on Praniania and made great and inspiring progress.

I went there with the will to do La ligne Claire that I missed second go on our last trip.

The first day I managed to do this beautiful pumpy route using a different beta at the mouv where I fell before.

With plenty of choices, I decide to follow Elie Morieux in the Cadafist. He gave me all the details and helped me find the perfect beta. I was really far from doing it, I was just climbing on this amazing line and started to feel that I would love to come back for it. The last day there were crazy good conditions with the famous Mistral blowing strongly.

I just gave it a go after warming up. This time I passed the first mouv after the tree and continued to the crux. With nothing on my mind I passed the fist and the dunk mouv and reached the rest. I must have stayed there more than 20 minutes, completly pumped, knowing that I would fall in the last section (which is the hard part of Rêve de Poutre, 8c).

Finally I left the rest pretty fresh and did the first 5 mouvs quite easily but too tired to do the last 6. With the impression I could never to it, I barely stuck the reachy mouv and grabbed the final jug.

All of this to say that I’ve had the strongest and most intense feeling I ever experienced in climbing. It was unbelivable and crazy.”