Gruppo gamma expedition to McKinley - Up-Climbing

Gruppo gamma expedition to McKinley


The "Gruppo Gamma" of Lecco (Italy) started few days ago an expedition  to Mount Mc Kinley 6194 meters, the highest mountain of North America. The members  Roberto Chiappa (66 years brother of Daniele the first ascender of West wall of Cerro Torre), Eugenio Manni and Fabio Valseschini ,aim to climb the Cassin Ridge on the central part of south wall
The route was first ascended on 1961july  by Riccardo Cassin, Romano Perego, Annibale Zucchi, Gigi Alippi, Jack Canali and Luigi Airoldi.
Giacomo Bianchi Bazzi and Massimiliano Gerosa, members of Gamma expedition, would like to climb the normal route, the so called West Buttres
At Mount Mc Kinley is at the present moment on site another italian expedition of  Mountain Guides from Valdaosta  in Northern Italy sponsored by the Italian Army. Members: Marco Camandona, Matteo Giglio, Elia Andreola e Marco Farina.
From Matteo Giglio web siteon may 18th:"we started our approach to McKinley, pulling haevy sleds (approx 50 kg each) along the icefield. We reached Camp2,  altogether 12 km 1100 meters in 5.30 hours. Weather is fine, temperature -15 at 3000meters"

Up-climbing may 12
Gruppo Gamma
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