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Ibbertson: 9b man!

Josh Ibbertson climbs Rainman, 9b.

On his social channels, Josh Ibbertson talks about his ascent of Rainman, his hardest route ever. The story is epic, the route is iconic, pure motivation for all of us climbing enthusiasts.

His first taste of Rainman was probably at the age of 11, he was very young, when he climbed Raindogs (8a) and began calling Malham cove as his home crag. In 2017 he saw Steve McClure making the first ascent and began dreaming of climbing the UK’s first 9b, which starts from his beloved Raindogs, continues on Rainshadow (9a) and ends on Batman (9a/+). Over time he added piece by piece, first climbing Rainshadow in 2020, then Batman in 2021.

Climbing all these routes, the dream really seemed to come true, but putting all the singles together was difficult. On his 18th birthday, Josh tried to get himself the present and went very close to the climb, but was rejected at the last crux. After some more work and hard training, Josh has finally succeeded in his dream, climbing one of the hardest routes in all of Europe.

Source IG Josh Ibbertson page

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