THE NEXT UP - Up-Climbing


The black cloud of the credit crisis is hanging over the whole world. The newspapers speak of nothing else since they say the economic situation concerns us all and sooner or later we shall all be affected…. 
But don’t worry, even in this apocalyptic picture which I have enjoyed painting, UP is still here to keep you company. If only to help you dream in case thinking has become too demanding for you in a time of crisis.
Why not dream about the life which a Nicolas Favresse or a Dusan Janak has chosen? How can you not be enraptured by a James Pearson who lives the adventure of his life in the space of a single pitch, breaking through the barrier of space and time? Who cares if there is a crisis if one day even I could live an adventure like that?
In 2008, the year just gone: briefly, while the climbing globe trotters go from one intercontinental flight to another…climbing has been shaken by the striking performances of Adam Ondra, who by now climbs 9A like drinking a glass of water. At Arco, about twenty directors of the main world climbing magazines unanimously voted him as the best in the world, a fifteen year old school-boy from the Czech Republic. The future of climbing is in his hands and he will decide where to take it. This is why the youngsters hang on his every word, wait for a sign, a video on YouTube, anything. But Adam is a person of few words and says nothing ….only acts.
Maurizio Oviglia