Usobiaga - Up-Climbing


The 15 of July at  at Urnersee in Swiss has onsighted Omerta (8c) and an 8b+ without name. The day after at Gimmenwald again on sight has climbed Surfer Paradise (8a+) and Trummelbach (8b+)

After a couple of day of rest Paxti went to Pierrot Beach, Vercors, France where has onsighted two 8c: Fatal Mambo and Home Sweet Home. Paxti has moreover climbed Nice to Eat you (9a) at the second try and onsighted Erresistance 8b+.

The 25 and 26 of July was in Serre Chavalier for the famous master where he has classified second.

Then he return to Spain where has onsighted Iturburuko Jostaria (8b+) e Nuska (8c),

His Route Scorecard of the last 12 on is impressive:

he has onsighted:

2 8c+

3 8c
7 8b+
11 8b