Immense Akira Waku! 8C+ boulder at 48 years old!!! - Up-Climbing

Immense Akira Waku! 8C+ boulder at 48 years old!!!

Another great result for an incredible climber!


We knew about Akira Waku already last year, when well over 40 years old he did an incredible climb with the repetition of an 8c boulder, the famous Babel in Shiobara.

That result was even more surprising due to the fact that Akira started climbing at 35, with no preparation but only with an immense motivation and willpower!!! Given the absence of gyms near his home, he built his own and  he started to train thoroughly and without any trainer, conquering a dozen years later the ascent of the 8C of Babel…

But now he went still beyond!!!

Still in Shiobara, Akira informed us that on November 9th he also sent Hydrangea, which video is reported above.

Hydrangea is another 8C from Dai Koyamada, now upgraded at 8C+ due to the break of a hold in 2016. Before the break it was repeated by climbers such as Daniel Woods, Motochika Nagao, Sachi Amma and Ryuichi Murai, while it was the very strong Nomura Shinichiro who repeated it in the harder version.

Now here is the seventh ascent by Akira (the second in the new version), who certainly writes a page of exceptional history, showing again that the limits in climbing are mainly in the mind!