Unstoppable Michaela! - Up-Climbing

Unstoppable Michaela!

The American still reaches a remarkable milestone in Switzerland, while her friend Alex Puccio climbs her second 8B of the trip


After a set of 8Bs with Steppenwolf, Riverbed, One Summer In Paradise and New Base Line, 8B+ (and several other grade 8 ascents…), one could expect that Michaela Kiersch would have taken a bit of rest, at least to recover physically from such intense days in Magic Wood. But no!

The American continued to climb hard and just yesterday announced another top-level ascent. Again in this mythical swiss area, in just four sessions Kiersch sent the 8B+ of Tigris Sit, a lesser known line than the others that characterized her stay here and located on the roof where The left Hand of Darkness is. Michaela announced the ascent from her Instagram profile but for now there are not many other info or videos available. A further bomb that led her to achieve her third 8B+ in career, just a few days after the second one. Her stay in Switzerland is coming to an end, but who knows if she will give some other surprises in the last days of climbing.

In addition to her, also her friend and travel companion Alex Puccio is certainly working hard. After sending Steppenwolf last week, Puccio also climbed Tigris too, in the stand version that is worth her second 8B of this trip, which adds up to an impressive curriculum that still makes her the most successful boulderer ever.

In short, the American girls have monopolized the bouldering scene in recent days, undoubtedly demonstrating a class and strength at the top of the world!


Source: Instagram / 8a.nu