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La Sportiva – MaverInk: exhibit personality

The climbing shoes represent to climbers one of the few indispensable tools, La Sportiva proposes a model that represents completely the climber wearing it.

For each climber match a different type of climbing and consequently also different shoes, or otherwise adaptable to your foot. Choosing the correct shoe, for the morphology of your foot and for the type of climbing that you will be practicing, is one of the most significant moments to pay particular attention.

The purely functional question is then associated with the exquisitely aesthetic. The years when climbing shoe manufacturers were used to launch their own unique, often unisex, coloring models, iconizing the product made their time. Today it is quite common to find the same model in different colors, the world of climbing has in fact introduced more and more attractive materials from time to time, squeezing the eye to the aesthetics without however forgetting the technique and the care of the performance. The same climbers, both professional and non-professional, try to transform as much as possible their equipment, giving it something more than personalizing it, making it more like their way of climbing and living this sport.

This observation is born of the new La Sportiva product with No-Edge technology: MaverInk. This climbing shoes model is completely customizable through the markers included in the package so that it’s possible to transform its appearance to make it unique, personal and irreplaceable.

Here are the main features and the product datasheet presented by the company:

Not only is it aesthetics, however, since the product is specifically designed for a youth audience: every construction element is designed to prevent foot growth by avoiding excessive compression points, so the fit is very soft and comfortable and therefore the footwear It is suitable for extended use. Maverink supports climbing in a fluid and natural way, supporting the most instinctive movements of the young climber and is the ideal access point for No-Edge technology (a particular type of construction that includes the absence of classic edges normally found on traditional footwear) thanks The ability to be comfortable and not too narrow.

  • Midsole: Absent, P3 System
  • Lining: Absent
  • Fit: Medium
  • Upper: suede calf and microfiber, tubular construction
  • Sole: Vibram XSGrip2 3mm
  • Patent: P3 System
  • Measurements: 32 – 42 including half measures
  • Weight: 360 grams per pair

Along with this customizable shoe, La Sportiva launches the #MaverInk campaign. By customizing your MaverInk shoe and immortalizing your creation, in any context you feel fit, you can compete for a visit to the La Sportiva factory at Ziano di Fiemme by posting a photo on FaceBook or Instagram with the hashtag: #MaverInk.

At this link you can see the product details: MaverInk