Licony Trail: aftermath - Up-Climbing

Licony Trail: aftermath

Pinet and Scilla Tonetti win the fifth edition of the Licony Trail. In the ‘short’ still a seal of Dennis Brunod; To Jacquin the female test.

Summer breaks into the Valdigne and the fifth edition of the Licony Trail is full of subscribers. In total there were over 550 athletes engaged on the 70 km – game at 4am – and on the classic 25km. Toast in the central square of Morgex were Dennis Brunod and Roberta Jacquin, 25km winners, and Erik Pinet and Emanuela Scilla Tonetti in 70km. Up and down, as many moves as possible, two trails that enthusiastically attended the participants, who came to the exhausted arrival for the great warmth of the central hours of the day. A day in the mountains and the healthy competition, ended with the inevitable party, seasoned with pasta party, beer and rich final drawings.

In the 25-kilometer-long loophole in the first kilometers of race between Dennis Brunod, headed to Planaval for a few seconds ahead of Mathieu Brunod and Davide Cheraz with a bunch of trackers behind him. Brunod has lengthened and Morgex’s finish has won alone with the 2h 15 ’33 “lap time, which is the third consecutive success at Licony Trail after those recorded in 2015 and 2016. Along the route also extends Davide Cheraz Ends second in 2h 17’42 “, ahead of Mathieu Brunod, son of Bruno, arrived at 2h 19’44”.

The women’s race was won by the Brusson Roberto Jacquin valley in the early stages of racing by Stefania Canale and Jessica Gerard. Jacquin, thirty-two, cut the finish line after 2h 59’16 “, ahead of Canale and Gerard, second in the second with a 3h 01’32” crash.

Without rivals Erik Pinet in 70 kilometers. He headed for the first pass in Morgex Square and first climbed to the final red foot. He won in 8h 34’01 “, ahead of the French Gregoire Curmer (8h 56’54”) and Loris Vuillen (9h 03’18 “). Head to head in the female race with the two favorites spaced about four minutes. The Lombard Emanuela Scilla Tonetti was set in 10h 40’17 “, (16th overall) in front of Marina Plavan, seventeen in 10h 44’59”. Third position for Chiara Tallia at 11h 31’56 “.

The winners of each category (25 km) are also awarded: Matteo Patello (Senior), Giuliano Cavallo (Veterans), Giacomo Cereseto (Junior), Sabrina Bidese (Veterans), Marco Ceccarelli (Veterans 2), Carola Fossà (Senior), Gaia Mascarello (Junior) and Daniela Mellé (Veterans 2). In 70 km Denys Capponi (Veterans), Saverio Bosc (Senior), Fabrizio Magnoni (Veterans 2), Alessandra Joly (Veterans) and Alessandra Tanzi (Senior). The best athletes in the Valdigne were Claudia Title and Jacques Lino Chanoine (25km) and Hervé Domenighini and Aline Viérin (70km).

Emanuela Scilla Tonetti: “Today has gone better than the first long race of the season, where I had been struggling. We hope that my condition will grow, even in view of the upcoming appointments and the Tor des Géants“.

Roberta Jacquin: “On this track I have found many races, many more than last year, I’m happy with this victory“.

Dennis Brunod: “When we find the sun is all the more beautiful and easy for both athletes and organizers. Today it has been so hot, congratulations to everyone for this beautiful race“.

Erik Pinet: “I have not yet found a test with this typhoid and then it is a true trail with ascent and descent and trained to run even in the middle of the rocks, a real race“.