GEO by Gabri Moroni - Up-Climbing

GEO by Gabri Moroni

After bagging lots of  hard blocks in Ticino and driven away by bad weather which has raged in recent days in the Alps, Gabri Moroni has shifted its focus on a small cliff in Val di Susa.
Alta Tensione, this is the name of the wall which is located above the hamlet of Borgone where Adriano Trombetta – mountain guide in Turin – and Marzio Nardi have bolted "GEO", a perfect 25-meter edge slightly overhanging.
A stunning pitch on wonderful granite. In three days of tries, Gabri managed to solve this puzzle of fine movements, studded with boulders and dynos, which actually  Gabri valued 8c (or even more). He wrote on his blog: "I tried GEO for three days during the last week in real glacial temps! I think these were the perfect conditions to climb this type of route…
In my opinion GEO is esthetically one of the best routes in Italy so I would love to see somebody come and try to repeat it! I guess the grade is 8C or more so we will see after it gets climbed again”  .

Source: blog Gabri Moroni

Photo: Dario Muzzarini Daylight Studio