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Maja Vidmar report and targets

Maja Vidmar, 25, is one of the best climber of the world. In the last days she onsighted "Humilde pa casa" a 8b+ route in Oliana, climbed in the same style by  gotha-climbers as Adam Ondra, Chris Sharma and Edu Marin.
Here a report of the ascent and Maja’s projects for the next future:
Humbles stays home
She did’t like the plan for this season…first world cup competition not until July. Ok, then she should maby climb rocks. And so she did. After splendid performance on World millitary games, where she easily won, best slovenian climber Maja Vidmar packed her bags and went to sunny Spain to measure up to the best world climbers. She did it with a route "humildes pa casa 8b+", on sight.
Around 50 m long route Humildes pa casa ( translation: humbles stays home) in Oliana climbing area, is no doubt real challenge for the brave ones. Maja had the courage, although she almost got cold feet, when she saw the marvelous route for the first time. She tought about climbing right combination 8a+ instead. But her boyfriend conviced her otherwise. »Go for it, Maja. You’re ready for it!«
The route mostly follows one long stalactite and it holds really nice line. It was the first bolted route in this climbing area. Firstly it had a different start and it was graded 8c. Then they changed the begining of the route, it’s easier now, so the route is graded 8b+. With lenght 50 meters it is doubtless indurance challenge and special challenge for Maja, because her goal in rock climbing was to climb 8b+ route on sight: »I entered the route fully motivated, but it was’t a quick nor easy start. The second, the hardest part  I did my 200%. I fought more the ever. Definitively. There were moments when I saw myself already in the air… But the effort and the suffer has been payed off on the top of the route. This is realy nice route for climbing on sight because it’s lack of really hard moves, but on the other side, it leaves you breathless.«
Beside »Humildes pa casa« Maja climbed also:
·         Fish eye 8c RP (Oliana)
·         Kalea borroka 8b+ RP (Siurana)
·         2×30 8c RP
·         Trio ternura 8a OS (st. Linya)
·         La musca cllonera 8a OS (montsant)
·         Domador de amorti 8a OS (masriudoms)
·         Los rancios de la aldea 8a+ OS (masriudoms)
·         …8a+ OS (masriudoms)
·         Mishi 8a OS (oliana)
·         …8a+ OS (oliana)
·         Els incoformistes 8a+ OS (tres ponts)
·         El batec 8a+ OS (tres ponts)
 With a fulfiled goal in rock climbing so she wawes goodbye to the rocks for a while. She will be preparing and training for this season World cup competitions indoor now on. So she will be well prepared and highly motivated. No, Maja Vidmar won’t stay at home this year! And she not humble either!
Blazka K. Grom
Photos: Anze Stremfelj