Mario Panzeri summited Manaslu - Up-Climbing

Mario Panzeri summited Manaslu

At 7 AM 11 local time, Mario Panzeri summited Manaslu (8163 meters). The italian expedition has been very unlucky until the today’s great achievement of Panzeri: Roberto Manni had to retreat after few days,  Marco Rusconi and Giuseppe Antonelli  had severe health problems and unfortunately Antonelli died, probably for pulmunary edema, while retreating from C3.
During the last weeks the weather conditions at Manaslu remained very bad; on april 28th an attempt to the top directly from C3 was not successfull for Mario Panzeri: together with his mates and the spaniards Carlos Pauner arrived very near to the top, but a strong wind pushed them back. 
Only the portugaise Joao Garcia (12 8000s) and  Coreans Kim Chang-ho and Seo  Sung-o with sherpa Lhakpa Tsering reached the summit.
Today Manaslu was summited  by Mario Panzeri as well as the Spaniards  Tamara Romero and  Inmaculada Garrido of  “Expedicion mujer Andalucia 009”. and Manuel Gonzalez.
Zsolt Eröss, member of   “Hungarian Expedition", topped out at 10.15 local time; yesterday, according to, the Russians Alexei Bolotov, Gleb Sokolov and  Sergei Duganov were as well on the top