Nellie Milfeld climbs Freerider on El Capitan - Up-Climbing

Nellie Milfeld climbs Freerider on El Capitan

The American climber Nellie Milfeld has centered what should be Freerider’s fourth female ascent, a historic route on El Capitan, in the magical Yosemite valley.

Nellie Milfeld is the fourth woman to climb the Freerider route in Yosemite, a feat succeeded so far only by very few other climbers. In fact, together with her husband Cedar Wright, Nellie has solved all the ruoute climbing first, starting at 3.30pm on Sunday and leaving the street at 1.45pm on Wednesday.

Freerider, opened by brothers Alex and Thomas Huber in 1998, has become in a few years one of the most coveted routes of El Capitan due to its beauty, climbing class and slightly more moderate difficulty than the Salathè, with which it shares most of the shots excluding the terminal portion. Needless to say that his fame has reached the eternal thanks to the undertaking of Alex Honnold who traveled through it for free only by scoring perhaps the greatest climbing venture of all time. The first female is signed by Steph Davis who did it in 2003, followed by the ascents of Matan Smith-Gobat in 2011 and Hazel Findlay in 2013.