New route on Everest SW Wall - Up-Climbing

New route on Everest SW Wall

On may 20, Korean alpinist  Park Young-Seok ascended Everest creating a new route up the mountain’s southwestern face. Better known as Mr. Park, he is the first man in the world to stand on all of the 14 8000ers, the 7 summits (the highest peaks on each continent), and North and  South Pole, setting several world records in the process.
After many attempts (1991,1993 e 2007), the SW wall of Everest has became  a kind of obsession for Mr.Park,  During the expedition of 2007 he lost two very dear friends, Oh Hee-Joon e Lee Hyun-Jo. Hee-Joon  was a talented alpinist as well, climbed 10 8000ers and crossed the Poles with Park.
"I will conquer the peak at any cost: I have built a good and bad relationship with the southwestern wall. It`s about time I concluded it." In that spirit, Mr Park  summited Everest designing a new route  on the immense and difficult technical SW Face. 

This is one of the most significant events this season, since the other two routes on the SW Face were opened long ago. The right hand route (British Route) was climbed on 1975 by Doug Scott e Dougal Haston, members of a huge british expedition directed by Chris Bonington  and the left hand route (Soviet Route) on 1982 by 15 russian alpinists, among them Eduard Myslovski e Volodya Balyberdin.