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New trad routes in Annot and Valle dell’Orco

Adam Bailes, Andy Asquith, Pete Whittaker and Tom Randall  spent 30 intense days in Chamonix , Annot and Valle dell’orco, bagging important repeats and lot of new routes.
Here the list.
First Ascents

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Sadomasochiste Direct, E6 6b
Bigbrophylia, E5 6a
Firing Blanks, E5 6a
C’est Ta Rate En Realite, E5 6c
aTight Fight, E4 6a
Grimer’s Delight E2 5c
Valle dell’Orco
The Peninsula Face, E6 6a
Fat Tony, E6 6b
Rubber Bones, E6 6b
End of the Flare, E5 6b
Gimello, E5 6b
Return to Paradise, E5 6a
Cold Fusion, E5 6b
Into the Groove, E5 5c
Questo Pesto, E4 6a
Subtle Ripping, E4 6a
Nocturnal Nightmare, E4 6a
The Last Totter of David Iliffe, E4 6a
Repeats (E5 and above only)
4th and 5th Ascent of Thai Boxing, 5.12c/d or E7 6c (Randall and Whittaker)
2nd and 3rd ascent of Sadomasochiste Direct, E6 6b (Bailes and Randall)
2nd ascent of Fat Tony (Asquith)
2nd ascent of Rubber Bones, E6 6b (Whittaker)
2nd ascent of C’est Ta Rate En Realite, E5 6c (Asquith)
2nd ascent of Cold Fusion, E5 6b (Randall)