New 8B+ (traverse) by Antonio Stazio - Up-Climbing

New 8B+ (traverse) by Antonio Stazio

Antonio Stazio is a long-time (1962) climber from  Piedmont (Italy) who passionately devoted to the discovery and cleanup of new bouldering areas in the region of Cuneo.
On December 14, managed to close a major project to Ciciu del Villar. It is a long (90 moves) traverse on the boulder of Lirette.   The name is: " Una storia acida" and the proposed grade 8B + (traverse).
Here is part of the report of Antonio:
"The line is super, you need winter conditions, ultra cool, 5 / 6 degrees because there is never any real rest, the moves are 90, to realize it  I had to try it for two months assiduously with  small overloads of 3 – 6 kg, thereby increasing the strength specifically on the right heel with small weights for the legs, so as to train the muscles that pull to hell the back leg! I really hope that someone will try, because it is a real gem of resistance! "
Source : instrapiombo
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