New 9a by Kinder and Hörst - Up-Climbing

New 9a by Kinder and Hörst

Joel Kinder made the first ascent of Resisting Arrest, just before Cameron Hörst’s ascent.

Two different generations met on the holds of Mt Charleston, giving life to a new classic that breaks through the doors of the high level. Climbers Joel Kinder and Cameron Hörst have in fact made the first two ascents of Resisting Arrest, the last 9a born on American soil.

The pitch was bolted by Andy Raether in 2012 and left there as an open project. Joel Kinder started shooting in 2019, obviously with occasional attempts and good company. Starting from an initial idea of ​​9a+, Joel freed the pitch in June 2022, evaluating it overall 9a.

The young Cameron Hörst, engaged in a climbing trip on American soil with his brother Jonathan, started working the route and grabbed the second ascent, the attempt after the first free ascent by the killer Joel Kinder.

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