Off the Wagon Low also for Woods! - Up-Climbing

Off the Wagon Low also for Woods!

Another amazing climb in Ticino

With a stellar team of climbers like the one currently circulating in Ticino, we knew that the ascents at the top of the world would probably come one after the other… and so here is another one, once again at the highest levels!

Off the Wagon Low, the first Swiss 8C+ sent in November 2018 by Shawn Raboutou in Sonlerto as a low version of the legendary Off the Wagon, now witness also the repetition by Daniel Woods, after the climb of his friend Jimmy Webb three weeks ago.

Woods announces his ascent on instagram, where he also summarizes the history of this mythical boulder which he describes enthusiastically.

The weeks of climbs in Ticino are still several so it’s not over yet!


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