Pierre Bollinger FFA of Pyrrhus 9a - Up-Climbing

Pierre Bollinger FFA of Pyrrhus 9a

Pierre Bollinger has carried out the first free ascent of Pyrrhus (9a) in Gauxberg, Alsace – France, a cliff that shows 22 routes between 8a and 9a and three projects valued at around 8c.

The route was bolted by Didier Amet and Yann Corby  in 2006 and Bollinger began to work on it two years ago.

The route consists of three parts: the beginning of 13 moves (8b), followed directly by an 8A boulder made of three moves that allow a relative rest. Finally yet 4 moves more around 7B boulder, very difficult for the aleatory nature of one of them.
For two consecutive sessions Pierre fell right in the penultimate move and the small and sharp holds do not allow more than two attempts per day, because the skin is quickly damaged.
On 9 November, after a week off to recover the skin (and to send  two 8A’s in Chironico) the free ascent, moreover in a very humid day!
In the video Pierre Bollinger frees Piranha 8b in the same cliff. Soon the video of Pyrrhus. Stay tuned 
Source: escalade alsace    kairn
Ph. Yann Corby editor of the site